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What do others say...

GCSE Drama Student

“Thank you for encouraging your students to be weird and wacky and vibrantly themselves.


I have always loved your lessons, even when it was registration in Year 8, because you care about your students. It’s obvious that you do. You have been there for me and understood me without me having to say a word. And instead of playing to my weaknesses you have always played to my strengths. No matter what, you have always made me feel there will always be someone there for me to fall back on.


Thank you for teaching me that actions speak louder than words, but passion shouts above the whole crowd. Thank you for giving me a space where I could act and dance and find myself and lose myself all at the same time.


Some of the best memories I will carry with me will be from the productions and drama performances. None of it would have been the same without you, because you have helped me and each of my peers throw everything we have into performing.


You’ve aided me in not only taking on another character, but in finding that character within myself which, in turn, helped me in ways you’ll never know.


So, there is nothing more left to say other than… Thank you!”

Other Teachers

"I worked in the same school as Hayley for many years. She is a kind and effective teacher. The children she taught loved drama and dance and achieved very good examination results as well. I loved attending her summer musical productions, which were brilliant and brought out the best in the large numbers of young people participating."


"Hayley is a superb teacher. She is dedicated and student focused, which is why 100% of her students succeed in her subject. If you are looking for the best, choose Hayley. She really is the best."

"Thanks DramaLlama! Great resources with flexibility and options to accommodate the unknown in these 'covid times'! Really swift and easy to deal with - I will be back for more!"


"Great detail and subject vocabulary and terms. Lots of superb ideas." 



“Thank you for 3 years of drama and for 2 productions on top of that. I always had so much fun in your lessons and learnt so much about acting and exploring characters. I really look forward to watching any future productions!” Year 11 Student

"Thank you so much with all your help and support in drama. You are always enthusiastic, which makes me want to achieve high results in drama. I’m really grateful for all the time and effort you have put in. I am looking forward to GCSE with you.” Year 9 Student

"Miss Wright is a great teacher, extremely supportive and patient. Would 100% recommend." Former GCSE Student.

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