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Staging Theatre

Staging Theatre

This scheme of work and 6 lesson plans are designed to introduce students to the concept of different forms of staging.


The scheme encourages students to explore the use of different stage types, how to use them and the effect this in turn has on the audience.


Included are also 2 scripts to use alongside this scheme, though you are welcome to adapt to your own.


Each lesson in this 6 lesson plan also includes a full break down of practical exercises and activities, to aid the students learning. 

  • Full scheme of work

    Lesson Objectives & Activities:


    Lesson 1: For the class to get to start to learn about different forms of staging and to consider the impact on the audience. Activities - Teacher introduction. Team building activities. Introduction of staging.


    Lesson 2: To work in groups. To plan a piece of drama. Activities - Warm-up To work on a scripted piece of drama using a different form of staging.


    Lesson 3: To rehearse their scene. To perform their scene. Activities - Warm-up To finish planning their drama piece and then rehearse and perform.


    Lesson 4: To prepare and develop a performance on a different type of staging. To work in a paired group. Activities - Warm-up. To now work in a paired task with a script on a different form of staging.


    Lesson 5: To prepare for performance. To rehearse their scene. Activities - Warm-up. Rehearsal. Teacher observation and feedback.


    Lesson 6: To perform a piece of scripted work. To critically evaluate the work seen. Activities - Warm-up Short rehearsal of scene. Performance of scene to teacher and peers for assessment.

  • Includes:

    • A lesson by lesson overview
    • Full lesson plans
    • An informative and instructive PowerPoint
    • Two scripts to use in lessons