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Soap Opera

Soap Opera

This scheme of work and 6 lesson plans are designed to introduce students to the world of Soap Opera.


The scheme encourages students to explore their imagination, concentrate on creating and presenting a character and setting a scene, as well as exploring techniques such as: Cliffhanger and using emotive acting.


Each lesson in this 6 lesson plan also includes a full break down of practical exercises and activities and links to video, to aid students learning.

  • Full scheme of work

    Lesson Objectives & Activities:


    Lesson 1: To understand what a soap opera is and why they are so popular. To improvise two favourite characters through mime. Activities - Teacher introduction In their groups students chose a soap and think of a recent storyline, from that students must mime (without dialogue) a section of the story and the class must guess which soap it is and what the storyline is.


    Lesson 2: To develop our knowledge of a soap opera. To identify key areas of their soap. Activities - Warm-up Using the worksheet students fill out the sections to help them decide where their soap opera is going to take place and to help them establish relationships with characters. Then watch a video clip.


    Lesson 3: To develop an introduction scene for their soap – it must introduce their characters to an audience. Activities - Warm-up Using their development/research work students will start to develop their soap opera. The opening scene is that of an introduction. The performance must clearly introduce the main characters of the soap.


    Lesson 4: To understand what a cliff-hanger is and how to execute one correctly. Activities - Warm-up Discussion of a cliff-hanger. Show clip of soap (Eastenders) to highlight this segment. Students now continue their soap opera and create the next episode – a cliff-hanger.


    Lesson 5: To develop the next stage of soap opera – resolution of a cliff-hanger. To rehearse their scenes To develop emotive acting. A family/character is going to leave the soap! Activities - Warm-up Rehearsal Students will figure out an appropriate resolution to their cliffhanger. Students will create a final episode where one of their main characters leaves.


    Lesson 6: To perform their scenes To critically evaluate the work seen. Activities - Warm-up Short rehearsal of scenes Performance of scene to teachers and peers for assessment.

  • Includes:

    • A lesson by lesson overview
    • Full lesson plans
    • An informative and instructive PowerPoint
    • Setting the scene worksheet