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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

This scheme of work and 6 lesson plans are designed to introduce students to the different performance devices and explorative strategies, that can be used in performing and analysing Romeo and Juliet.


The scheme encourages students to analyse character through exploratory methods, such as experimentation of theme, improvisation and developing a contemporary scene based on the play.


Each lesson in this 6-lesson plan also includes a full break down of practical exercises and activities, as well as synopsis, scenes, character cards, a shortened version of the play and character break down, to aid students learning. 

Full scheme of work suggested level Year 9 KS3

  • Full scheme of work

    Lesson Objectives & Activities:


    Lesson 1: Students become familiar with the storyline of Romeo and Juliet. Activities - Warm-up Introduction of Romeo & Juliet Re-enact plot using basic storyline and name tags Students into groups of 6. Give each group a section of the play to be performed in sequence of tableaux.


    Lesson 2: Students to experiment with the theme of hatred. To perform a whole class improvisation. Activities -  Warm-up In pairs to produce a performance using the different stages Whole class performance of the market place with the introduction of Prince.


    Lesson 3: To recreate the ballroom scene. Activities - Warm-up Formality of dance in Shakespeare’s time. To learn the dance and introduce characters and lines. Whole performance of the ball scene.


    Lesson 4: To create a modern scene based on ideas from Romeo and Juliet. Activities - Warm-up Discussion on possible ideas Students in groups of 4/5. Devise and rehearse modern day scene


    Lesson 5: Rehearse a devised scene based on Romeo & Juliet for assessment. Activities -  Warm-up Students will be given the whole lesson to rehearse their scene ready to perform for assessment next lesson


    Lesson 6: Perform their devised scene for assessment. Activities - Warm-up Performance of scenes to peers. Peer evaluation, teacher assessment.

  • Includes:

    • A lesson by lesson overview
    • Full lesson plans
    • An informative and instructive PowerPoint