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Masked Theatre

Masked Theatre

This scheme of work and 7 lesson plans are designed to be used with the Trestle Theatre companies basic mask set which can be bought from: but can be used with any set of masks.


The scheme encourages students to explore their imagination, concentrate on body language and presenting a character physically, with various physical activities.


Included are also a sheet which highlights the states of tension within a character and also character Archetypes.


Each lesson in this 7 lesson plan also includes a full break down of practical exercises and activities as well as a PowerPoint, to aid their students learning. 

  • Full scheme of work

    Lesson Objectives & Activities:


    Lesson 1: To develop body awareness. To understand how the body moves in certain situations. Activities - Warm-up String pulling exercise Crossing the circle Crossing the circle in weather conditions.


    Lesson 2: To develop body control by isolating parts of the body. To develop stage awareness. To review states of tension and archetypes. Activities - Warm-up Puppet / segmentation. Copycat Timing exercises. Planned improvisation.


    Lesson 3: To prepare pupils for putting on a mask. Activities - Warm-up. Golden Rules Punch / crossing the stage. Slow motion. Entrance and exit.


    Lesson 4: To develop mask skills and mask characters. Activities - Warm-up. Improvisation Interrogation. Presents exercises.


    Lesson 5: To devise and rehearse a piece of theatre using a mask. Activities - Devise a piece of masked theatre that is 5 mins in length. Use Masked characters. Use props and elements of costume. Use music as a soundtrack.


    Lesson 6: To rehearse their masked theatre. Activities - Rehearsal and dress rehearsal of Mask performance pieces.


    Lesson 7: To perform a devised piece of Mask work. Activities - To critically evaluate the work seen. All groups perform their Masked performances. Teacher to assess level of individual performance.

  • Includes:

    • A lesson by lesson overview
    • Full lesson plans
    • An informative and instructive PowerPoint
    • Archetype and character guides