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Introduction to Stanislavski

Introduction to Stanislavski

This 10 page resource can be used as an introduction to Stanislavski and includes exercises that can be used in class.

Stanislavski believed that the reproduction of life on stage is, for actors, both a challenge and a responsibility toward the people who come to see it.
Simplicity and scenic truth became important principles, and the Stanislavski system emerged as a vigorous weapon against overacting, clichés, and mannerisms.

With the System’s terminology – super-objective, logic of actions, given circumstances, communion, subtext, images, tempo-rhythm, and so on – a common language has been created.

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  • Includes:

    • Introduction to Stanislavski
    • Practical exercises for each system:
    • Action
    • Magic if
    • Given circumstances
    • Emotional memory
    • Imagination
    • Circles of attention
    • Tempo rhythm and more...
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