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Improvisation from a short story

Improvisation from a short story

This scheme of work and 6 lesson plans are designed to introduce students to the different performance devices that can be used in devised work.


The scheme encourages students to explore their imagination and analysis skills, concentrate on creating and presenting a character, as well as exploring the use of:
tableau, thought track, monologue and dialogue.


Each lesson in this 6 lesson plan also includes a full break down of practical exercises and activities and a short story to use as their stimulus, to aid students learning.

  • Full scheme of work

    Lesson Objectives & Activities:


    Lesson 1: For the class to get to know their peers and teacher and look forward to the coming weeks. Activities - Teacher introduction. Team building activities I went to the shop. Name name goose. Tableau exercise (New arrival)


    Lesson 2: To establish what a tableau is. To establish a thought track. Activities - Warm-up Listen to and analyse ‘It was terrifying’ short story. Create a tableau from the story Add a thought track to the tableau.


    Lesson 3: To analyse monologue. To create a monologue. Activities - Warm-up Identify a character in the story that is not the narrator and create a monologue for that character Evaluate how the monologue can add to the performance.


    Lesson 4: To combine all three skills in an improvised performance. Recap of the three techniques. Activities - Each group is now to create a theatre piece showing events before, during or after the narrative. And must include: A group tableaux, Thought tracking, A monologue.


    Lesson 5: To rehearse their improvised performance. Activities - Warm-up. Rehearse improvisation ready to perform in the next lesson, encouraging students to bring in props and costumes.


    Lesson 6: To perform improvised performance to peers for teacher assessment. Warm-up Performance of scenes to peers. Peer evaluation, teacher assessment.

  • Includes:

    • A lesson by lesson overview
    • Full lesson plans
    • An informative and instructive PowerPoint
    • Short story