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Hip Hop / Parkour

Hip Hop / Parkour

This unit of work, lesson plans, set dance and literature is recommended for Year 8 Dance.
The unit focuses on the basic techniques of Hip Hop dance and brings in ideas taken from Parkour.


• Technical skills Introduction to an urban style of dance and further contact work. Transference of their technical skills to typical style with strict rhythm.

• Expressive skills Pupils will be encouraged to use a sound rhythmic structure to their performance, moving on and off the beat precisely. Pupils should also show a clarity and control when landing, moving over and around other dancers.

• Choreographic skills Pupils will use a variety of group sizes and relationships, with some opportunity solo, duet and trio work. The use of ‘tagging in’ will be explored for transition.

• Appreciation skills Pupils will view pictures and video and describe the key action, spatial, and dynamic relationship features. For example the action of the traceurs as they move around the city. Comment on the views and opinions expressed by leading professionals in parkour and Hip Hop dance.

  • Full scheme of work

    Lesson Objectives & Activities:


    Lesson 1: To develop ability to identify the key characteristics of modern musicals and street style dance. To acquire, develop and perform technical skills from street dance and through the learning of a ‘set study’. To develop performance skills by developing the specific sense of style. Activities - Introduction of the scheme and the characteristics of musicals. Learn a set piece based on the scene from HSM 2. Teach in sections, give time to work in pairs or small groups for students to rehearse and check each other. Gain an understanding of street dance and it’s context. Gain an understanding of the use of dance within theatre and its origin.


    Lesson 2: To refine and perform the set study with clarity, precision and as a member of a group. To develop their compositional skills by developing their own set materia.l To develop and apply evaluative skills, commenting on the work of others, identifying their strengths and areas for development. Activities - Learn and perform in a group the set study based on a musical theatre piece. Make constructive comments on the performance of others Rehearse, refine and improve their own and others performances. Work with a partner to adapt and develop the set study applying the basic modern theatre steps.


    Lesson 3: To discover the importance of Parkour within dance and the media. To develop their compositional skills by developing their own set material. Activities - Learn about Parkour and