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Get an Idea of why I do what I do!

I managed a local theatre school from 1997 to 2011, as well as continuing my studies and working part-time at a secondary school. This was a great personal achievement and I believe proves my ability to multi-task, organise myself effectively and work under pressure without it affecting my outstanding results.

Through the course of my management role I produced, directed and choreographed many community shows and displays, as well as marketing and promoting events and recruiting and managing eight teaching staff. I was also responsible for producing the timetable of classes and publicising and recruiting both new and existing students. My role in the state sector also included endorsing and organising events and programmes especially designed for able students; this often included the participation of governors when delivering competition-based activities, as well as outside agencies.

After gaining my PGCE in 2011 in Drama & Dance I joined a local private school teaching Drama the department needed a contemporary ‘face-lift’. There was no set curriculum, schemes of work, or assessment, progress and tracking records or policies. I worked tirelessly improving standards and implementing appropriate policies and developing a spiral curriculum from Year three through to GCSE, alongside the primary school drama teacher. This gave rise to the uptake for GCSE Drama increasing steadily from six students when I started to twenty-two, over two-thirds of the year group.

I also collaborated with local colleges, to give workshops, college advise and performances for Years 9 through to 11. As well as this our department held three theatre trips a year, as well as two musical productions, one for the primary school and one for the senior school.

Early Career

I have been involved in the Performing Arts sector virtually my whole life. I attended a Performing Arts school as a teenager and from there performed myself, as well as taught vocationally and then moved to choreography and teaching in the compulsory education sector. My industry experience includes:


Daisy Pulls it off, London

George Mays, extracts from 42nd Street & Joseph, London

Alice in ‘Alice through the looking glass’, Woking
The Wizard of Oz, Camberley

Cinderella (Choreographer and Dancer) Bracknell

Sweet Charity (Choreography, Dancer, Actor & Dance Captain) Guildford


Whoops Apocalypse (Incorporated Television Company)

Absolute Beginners (Palace Pictures)

The Whistle Blower (Portreeve LTD)

Queenie (Highgate Pictures, London Weekend Television)

Divorce (BBC)


Touring with Nikos and the kariatedes dancers for 10 years

Numerous dance shows and competitions

Choreography, production and staging many Dance & Musical Theatre Shows

Choreography for Hammond Productions ‘Cinderella’ Pantomime 2001

Organising participation in ‘Lift Off’ Youth & Community Platform

Annual Drama productions in collaboration with the Music department
Shakespeare Schools Festival

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